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About Us

TrueXtreme Outdoors is an all-new lifestyle brand bred from the conservationist and high speed spirit of 2017 NASCAR Cup Series Champion, Martin Truex Jr. MTJ knows a thing or two about the thrill of capturing a trophy. Whether on the tip of an arrow, the edge of a hook, or hoisted on the high banks of a speedway, Martin has amassed a mighty collection. The thrill of tracking a wide-racked whitetail through the frosted forests. The eXtreme tension in the fight against a record bluefin. The cerebral high delivered from the sound and fury of a heavy right foot and the combustion of Octane 93. This is birth of an outfitter dedicated to the everyman, and woman. For the hunting, fishing and motor-minded folks. Styles for all seasons. Designs for many reasons. Unmatched comfort, wearability and detail go into each piece from TrueXtreme Outdoors.


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Designed, curated, produced and fulfilled by Swell Ink in Race City USA, Mooresville, NC.